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Your prices are a lot lower than most other photographers. Why?

There are two main reasons. First, the biggest expense for a photographer is the photo lab. We own our own lab. This enables us to save hundreds of dollars in processing costs. We pass this savings on to you.


Second, over 85% of our customers are referrals from other brides. Therefore, we do not need to spend a fortune in advertising, trying to get new customers. In fact, other than the Web, we do not advertise at all. And we do not employ overpaid, high-pressure salespeople. Our services and prices pretty much sell themselves so we save a bundle in advertising costs. Again, we pass the savings on to you.


Are these prices good for all weddings or just on certain days?

Our prices are good 365 days a year! Some photographers use the old "bait and switch" routine. They advertise a low price and then when you come in for an appointment they tell you that the special price is only good on certain days, like Tuesday afternoons in January. We think this is dishonest. Our advertised prices are our everyday prices - period. It does not matter if you are getting married on a Sunday in December or Saturday in June.


What style photography do you use?

There are two main styles of photography: Traditional and Photo-Journalism. Traditional is predominantly posed, portrait type photography and Photo-Journalism consists mainly of non-posed, candid photographs. We employ a 50-50 mix of both styles.


After 30 years of photographing weddings we have come to believe that neither style completely captures the events of the day, so we do both. A Traditional photographer does a great job of recording the day but tends to miss the emotions and personalities of the participants. The photojournalist is great at capturing the emotions and excitement but falls short when it comes to creating the Formal and Casual Portraits that Brides (and parents) come to expect from their photographer. By employing both styles, we are able to give our couples complete coverage of their wedding day.


What type of equipment to you use?

Our photographers will use Professional Digital Cameras. These cameras produce stunning results and images capable of being enlarged to 24" by 30" with incredible detail. Our photographers also use high powered professional flashes capable of lighting large groups.


Is there a time limit on full-coverage photography?

Generally, no. When you select full coverage wedding photography our photographer typically reports to where the Bride is getting dressed about 1 hour prior to the ceremony and we stay with you until the end of the reception. Usually the day lasts from 7 to 9 hours. On a rare occasion, particularly when a lot of travel is involved, a wedding might last longer. In this case we charge a nominal fee to cover our costs. This money goes directly to your photographer to compensate for travel expenses, etc.


How long does it take to receive our proofs?

In most cases you receive your proofs in approximately 2-3 weeks. In busy seasons it may run a little longer, in slower seasons you might get them back a little sooner.


Can I get Black and White photos from my wedding?

Yes. All weddings are photographed digitally so you can get Color, B&W or Sepia Tone from any picture.We can even add a splash of color to your Black and Whites. For example, we can print your photo in Black and White and then Colorize the flowers.


Can you make "special-effect" photos, such as Song Sheets and Wine Glass Photos?

Yes. We have a complete digital imaging department. If you can imagine it we can create it! If you see something that you like in a magazine or want to duplicate a shot in your parents album - no problem. Just bring in a sample or give us a description and we will do the rest.


How much does it cost to hold the day for my wedding?

To book your date all you need to do is put down a $100.00 deposit. $800.00 is due 10 days prior to the wedding and the balance (about $100.00 with tax) is due when you pick up the proofs. If you decide to order enlargements you put down a 50% deposit when you place the order and pay the balance when you pick up the completed enlargements. This works out to 5 payments, three of which are after the wedding.


What does your "Lifetime Guarantee" mean?

If you order enlargements from us we will unconditionally guarantee them for life. If you loose them in a fire, the dog chewed them up, spill coffee on them - it doesn’t matter. Just bring us the damaged photos and we will reprint them at no charge.


What if my photographer is in a car accident and can’t get to my wedding?

We employ 5 staff wedding photographers but we only shoot 4 weddings on any given day. We always keep one photographer back at the studio - just in case. If something should happen to your photographer we are just minutes away from getting another photographer out the door to capture your once in a lifetime event.


Most photographers are charging $25.00 or more for an 8x10, why are your enlargement prices so much less?

We give all of our couples a certificate which allows them to use our professional photo lab in Bristol, Pa. The certificate entitles you to the same wholesale prices we offer to other professional photographers who use our lab. By going directly to the source you are cutting out the middleman, you can get the same quality at a fraction of the price.


Do I have to buy my enlargements and albums from you?

No. You can buy the enlargements and albums from whomever you like. You own the negatives - you make the decisions. Of course, we believe that we are the best choice for your enlargement and album needs. We operate our own Professional Photo Lab and we are experts when it comes to printing Wedding Enlargements. That is why over 95% of our couples come back to us when they wish to order enlargements. And better yet, we offer wholesale prices to all of our couples. This means that you pay less for professional enlargements then you would for the amateur-quality photos you get at Drug Stores and Camera Shops.


For example, most photographers charge $25.00 or more for an 8x10 enlargement. Most Camera Shops and Drug Stores charge $7.95. We charge $5.95 and we print your photos to exacting professional standards.. Plus you get the lifetime guarantee!


How many photos do you take?

We do not have a limit to the number of photos we take at a wedding. We are there to photograph whatever is happening. At a typical wedding you receive around 400- quality photos. Be careful of photographers claiming to give you an outrageous amount like 1000 or more. They very well may give you that many but you will find they are mostly duplicates, four or five photos of the same subject/pose.

If you think about it, an 8 hour wedding only has about 4 hours of time for pictures. The rest is eating dinner, driving in cars, waiting to be introduced, etc. A photographer who takes 1000 photos would need to click the shutter once every 15 seconds, non-stop for 4 hours. Either the photographer is putting zero thought into what he is photographing or he is taking 4 or 5 of the same thing just to get the count up.